6 fashion brands making the most of Instagram

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A picture is worth a thousand words. For Instagram that picture can be worth a thousand fans. Instagram is the fun photo app that has over 100 million active users and it allows people around the world to upload, filter and share photos within seconds. You can do this within the app or across a variety of other social networking services.

Originally a photo-sharing service, Instagram incorporated video sharing in June 2013. The highly visual and creative way photos – and now videos – are being shared means that brands and businesses are seeing value in the service.

It was only a matter of time before luxury brands started to include Instagram as a part of their digital marketing strategy and many have rolled out successful and innovative campaigns. The app allows them to share and promote their products to conjure visual stories.

The platform is also being increasingly used for photo competitions. Brands such as Tiffany & Co and Hermes Paris have all been using the app to encourage conversations with fans and engagement. Studies have estimated that the use of the app will only increase as the platform integrates new administrate features such as managing the online community and insights.

Below are six high-end luxury women’s fashion brands that are using Instagram within their social media strategy.



@thisiswhistles gives a behind the scenes preview of fashion, makeup and accessories and re posts celebrities that are sported out and about wearing the Whistles collection. This helps the user to connect with the brand and see how they can dress like their favourite celebrity.




@insidejigsaw is a long-time established company that posts a range of photos that relate to fashion, food, people who are wearing their clothes, travel and promoting sales and in store events. All these photos help the audience to connect with the brand.




@Anthropologie is a home ware and apparel store. Its photos range from positive quotes, food, new arrivals, in store visitors, staff lunches and outings. It is a fun and engaging account to follow and this is the reason why it has over 300,000 followers.




@Reiss fashion label have an aesthetically appealing Instagram account that post sartorial photos, behind the scenes runway and press events, celebrity fashion bloggers, travel and competitions.  Followers are able to get an insight into the ‘behind the scenes’ of the fashion brand.




@L.K.Bennett  is a luxury British fashion house offering sophisticated clothing, shoes and accessories. It uses Instagram to promote new store layouts and arrivals, behind the scenes and news.





@Burberry Burberry has been at the forefront of the fashion brands using social media marketing for a while now – and they keep moving forward. The 157 year old brand really understands the power of online marketing and how to target their audience. As an early adopter of Instagram, Burberry now has a following of almost 900,000. Instead of just posting pictures of items of clothing and adverts they have made, Burberry give their followers a sneak peek backstage at shows, share intimate photos of celebrities and perhaps most importantly for their global audience – Burberry capture the essence of London and what it means to be British.




So what can we take away from these?

So with more and more luxury fashion brands using Instagram, where will the future take us? We may not be able to answer this question right now but there are hints that more apps and smart phone functions will be released that will create even more interactive experience for the consumer and the brand.  This could be Instagram for shopping, one click purchases and promotions. Until then, keep filtering.


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