8 ways to increase your Twitter following

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Twitter followers are important for your business, as they can be both potential customers and promoters of your brand. More followers mean a larger potential reach of your tweets, a bigger conversation about your brand and hopefully more traffic to your website. But you need this following to be a high quality one, and organically growing your number of followers takes time and dedication. And a lot of brand love.

A quick search on Google for ‘Get more followers on Twitter’ brings back adverts for sneaky ways to buy followers. DO NOT DO THIS. It’s pointless, not to mention against Twitter’s rules.

So how do you go about increasing your following organically?

We’ve put together 8 ways to gain them the right way:

  1. Be easy to find. Make sure your profile includes your company name, logo and link to your website. Describe what your business does, making sure your bio and tweets contain keywords so you are more likely to appear when people search for them on Google.
  2. Locate your contacts already on Twitter. Use your email marketing list to locate and follow your contacts.
  3. Be strategic. Follow relevant people in the same industry and analyse your competitors’ Twitter following. This will enable you to find users who may also be interested in your products or services.
  4. Make sure your tweets are high value. People are more likely to share interesting content, which increases the overall potential reach every time someone retweets it. It is good to have a variety of content, for example a mix of educational tweets, 3rd party tweets and content about your brand.
  5. Engage with your following. Retweeting and mentioning others means you are more likely to get retweeted in return and gain attention from other users. Remember, everybody loves a mention form a brand!
  6. Use hashtags and the search bar. Make the most of the Twitter search bar to find people tweeting about topics related to your business, and try to answer any questions they may have. Using hashtags is also a great way of finding relevant content, and you can also use them to engage with other users on certain topics.
  7. Tweet regularly. Enough that your followers won’t get bored, but not so much that they will find your updates annoying. You can use programs such as Hootsuite to schedule your tweets in advance if you aren’t able to regularly update your feed.
  8. Be yourself. People prefer to engage with honest, human sounding tweets.


Written by Lucy Hitchcock and edited by Victoria Crump-Haill

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