9 Things You Should Know About PPC

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Pay Per Click advertising is always changing, so to help you keep on top of the latest changes we’re sharing 9 top PPC tips with you this sunny Friday.

  1. From next week, phone numbers will not be allowed on Google PPC ads
  2. Ads will now auto link to your Google+ account if the URLs match and will add social extensions
  3. However, social extensions will only show on specific and popular search queries, and only on ads with high click through rate
  4. Google will only show your social extension if it thinks it won’t be detrimental your ad
  5. Having social extensions on your ads leads to a 10% increase in click through rate
  6. Google reviews are specifically important and star ratings can be incorporated into PPC ads. This is a useful tool for raising quality scores, but only shows when the ad is in the banner
  7. Ads in the banner perform 14x better than in the right hand column
  8. If you include Location settings, these will show specifically if you are geographically nearby
  9. Cadbury and H&M are common examples for excellent Google + activity, especially Google hangouts

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