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Valentine’s Day is upon us and for those of you that are slightly less cynical when it comes to this romantic day, here is the story of Jonathan Dharmaraj who built an app for his ex-girlfriend in the hopes of winning her back:

After almost a year of being together, Jonathan and his girlfriend broke up. Having spent every second together, working in the same hospital and living two minutes from each other, the pair went off to different universities which took them miles away from one another, and decided that the distance and the timing just were not working.

After six months had passed, the couple continued to talk and still remained close, and even found time to visit each other from time to time. As Valentine’s Day emerged on the horizon Jonathan began planning how he could win his girlfriend back. Instead of buying her flowers, he decided to create her an app.

“I used to call her Shipoopi,” said Jonathan. “I know Shipoopi comes from The Music Man, but she and I made it an inside joke after watching Family Guy together. I named the app Shipoopi so that she knows it’s for her.”

Jonathan designed an Android app that lets you choose which apps appear on your lockscreen, letting you bypass the step of going from lockscreen to homescreen to app; Shipoopi lets you go straight from the lockscreen to the app of your choosing.

The reason Jonathan designed the app was because his ex-girlfriend “lives and breathes by her smartphone” and that the extra level of efficiency would be perfect for her. He called the app Shipoopi and plans on meeting up with her on Friday, the day after Valentine’s Day, to show her the app and ask her to be his girlfriend again.

The remarkable thing is that Jonathan isn’t a developer, nor does he work for a startup. He is a student who taught himself to code in HTML and JavaScript and then moved on to mobile apps. He did not make the app to to make money, the app is free and has no clear revenue stream; the sole purpose being that he just wants his girlfriend back, and has used the skills he has acquired to do this in a unique and adorable way.

So what do you say, Shipoopi? Will you take him back?

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