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Social Media Week Singapore

Today we attended Social Media Week (SMW) to check out the emerging trends in social and mingle with bloggers, brand managers, social media strategists, artists, video technology and web media folks.

The discussion “Change the world with a hashtag” hosted by AKA Asia, had some fascinating speakers – amongst them Grace Chua from The Straits Times and Kevin Straszburger, Head of Marketing and Social Media at Crowdonomic.

The panel explored the concept of social media for social good, with first hand stories from companies doing just this. The panel questioned how brands can engage with trending topics when they can disappear so quickly. Furthermore, how do these trends and tipping points start?

Here are some of the most interesting points to bear in mind for your social strategy:

  • Sometimes trying to chase or change the trends is futile. Brands should select carefully which trends or topics to engage with.
  • If you spot a trend on Twitter, sometimes the links in the conversations can be used to create a story that others can follow.
  • Be constant in your conversation and message, this will build up a more regular following over time.
  • There is still a random and unpredictable aspect of trends, so don’t be upset by the buzz, be patient.
  • Finding where the people are is just as important as your message, if there’s no audience then your well crafted message might not get the reach you want.
  • Trend influencers are all around you, it’s just about connecting dots.
  • Try to look ahead of the curve to predict new trends. To stay ahead of the curve, try to spot macro and micro trends.
  • It’s possible to trendjack a trend – taking away from the star and become the bigger star, this happens daily on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and even Crowdfunding sites.
  • Finding your niche value is key.
  • The key to gaining value is to add value to people, so people want to engage with your brand or conversation.
  • If you’re not creating your own content; you’re just a follower.

Brandcast Media use social media monitoring tools to find trends in hashtag conversations, to know where your messages should be.

Our expertise includes:

  • Digital strategy
  • Online Insight and social media monitoring
  • Interactive brand development
  • Digital content strategy and development
  • Digital Communication planning
  • Online sales and content marketing campaigns
  • Social media strategy and development
  • Social media platforms and technologies
  • Measurement, analytics, ROI
  • Interactive video platforms
  • Mobile – websites, apps, content, marketing
  • Online video content production and streaming/webcasting
  • E-learning, electronic Continuing Medical Education
  • Content-led online marketing campaigns

Brandcast Media is an award-winning creative, digital and video agency based in London and looking to expand rapidly into Asian markets with Singapore as the hub to service brands and clients within the area including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, South Korea and China.

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