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Written by Courtney Jouning – Senior Account Manager‏

Two pretty significant announcements have been made in the last few weeks, at two very different ends of the spectrum but for two very common causes; brand identity & technological advancement.

Last month, Apple announced the launch of a new wearable device that can be used as your own personal assistant or health advisor, scribble pad or game system… and it even tells the time! Although, it does not actually have GPS or cellular connectivity at this point, I’m sure you will soon be able to check your social media with as little effort as lifting your arm… patience, please. Welcome to the world Apple Watch. Due to be officially released in the next few weeks, the costs vary between £299 and £13,500 and reviews from punters go from the positive “finally, wearable technology has arrived” to the more critical “the device felt a little confusing and clumsy. Sometimes it seemed to do one thing; at other times, just the opposite – at times I wasn’t sure if I was reviewing a watch or watching England play cricket at this years world cup“

As always, these devices tick different boxes for different people, and they WILL take time to get used to. I haven’t had a chance to get my hands in one yet but we would like to do a full review when they are released.

Enough of the watch, there was another big announcement recently. As an employee at a web, digital and video agency I am happy to see the back of my old mate, Internet Explorer. With a new browser that has a codename like ‘project Spartan’ who wouldn’t be excited to see what new powerful, chiselled and well-built browser is to match the newest operating system to be released by Microsoft, Windows 10. This is the end of an era for some, Internet explorer was introduced to the world in 1995 and, at its peak, was responsible for over 90% of all web traffic. But all good things must come to an end and, when one window closes, another opens. For all those still using Internet Explorer, don’t worry it will still be available on the older Windows operating systems, and the new browser will pretty much be the same on the new system, but rebranded and with a reinforced spine.

The team at Brandcast will be keeping a close eye on these developments over the coming weeks, as more information becomes available. Tune in frequently to our blog to read more up to date posts on all things brand, digital and video!

Be sure to let us know if you have any interesting experiences with either of these technologies, or feel free to get in touch at hello@brandcastmedia.com to see what wide range of services we can offer you and your organization.

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