Hot-Dog Legs!

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It’s annoying and over-used, but we’ve all seen or taken the occasional ‘leg selfie’. I’m at the beach, I’m tanned, I have a cocktail, I’m horizontal… and my legs are nicely framing this shot.

But have you ever noticed just how much those legs look like frankfurters?

Alexis Brault noticed the resemblance and started the brilliant parody Tumblr ‘Hot-Dogs Legs’, which went viral this week. The photo blog shows images of legs as well as hot dogs in a typical ‘leg selfie’ environment. It asks visitors to the site the all-important question…are they hot dogs, or legs?

Here at Brandcast, we’ve been digging out our very own ‘hot dog or legs?’ photos, for our own version of the game. So, what do you think…hot dogs, or legs?

Hot dogs…

hdol 4


…or legs? These look suspiciously like hot dogs…

hdol 3


The more you look, the more confused you get!

hdol 2


There are many similarities between a tanned pair of legs and a couple of frankfurters.

hdol 1


Why would anyone have hot dogs by a pool? Surely they must be a pair of legs?

hdol lucy


Don’t forget the mustard!


Hot dogs on the beach…?


hdol 8


Surely these are hot dogs?


photo (3) - v

Produced by Lucy Hitchcock


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