Hot off the press in Arizona – video coverage of a world expert lymphoma meeting

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We’ve recently returned from scorching Scottsdale, Arizona, where we were covering the the International Workshop on Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (iwNHL), a high-level discussion forum for academic and research leaders in the field of lymphoma and related disorders.

Powerful debates and expert opinions across a wide range of lymphomas looking at optimal treatment, combination therapies, exciting new developments with proteasome inhibitors and IMiDs agents, and patient quality of life. There are over 65 different lymphoma subtypes and we interviewed experts across a number of these including Mantle Cell lymphoma, T cell lymphoma, NHL, CLL, Hodgkins lymphoma and DLBCL.

There was also a fascinating discussion from some the top myeloma docs from the nearby Mayo Clinic on what lessons can be learned from myeloma biology and therapies and be applied to NHL today.

Outside of the industrially chilled conference hotel, the thermometer hit a gentle 108 F in the shade. And on our last night this triggered a massive sand storm over 10 miles high (yup, Mummy’s Return time) followed up by dramatic skies and a huge thunderstorm. Apocalyptic stuff.




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