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Howdy, Becky. Hello Becky. These are just some of the things that I see when I’m logging into my WordPress and Amazon accounts. Digital experiences like these help me build a relationship with a brand and come back for more. With more and more customer data being accessible by brands, personalising the user journey has become bigger than ever. Below I have picked out some examples of how brands are doing just this.


From the moment you log in to a website, such as eBay or Amazon, you’re presented with a number of recommended products. Here’s an example of books that Amazon have recommended for me.


“How do they know this information”, you may cry. Well it’s because they know what you have previously purchased and what people like you have bought.

Customer service

Having a person to talk to via online messaging, gives us a more personal experience instead of an old fashioned ‘contact us’ form. Thomas Cook’s example below shows how this can work and by doing this it may make me more likely to use Thomas Cook for a holiday.



Adverts can now be personalised by showing adverts that you will be most interested in. Facebook is a great example of this, where adverts on your page are based on your journey on facebook. This includes the pages you like and the information you divulge.


These are the adverts from my Facebook page – they are related to my age group and gender.

So as you can see from these examples, for brands to win customer loyalty, it’s important that they focus on building relationships with the user through personalisation. Fitting this into our daily life will ultimately help to improve business performance.

Produced by Becky Canvin, Digital Content Manager, Brandcast Media.

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