How To Create Content In A Multi-Device World

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From researching a summer holiday on your laptop to taking a photo in a store and Tweeting it to a friend on your mobile, we can all access and share content in many ways. With the number and type of devices constantly growing, content creators are faced with the challenge of creating and adapting content to suit new technologies.

Our Digital Content Manager, Becky Canvin and Digital Marketing Manager, Victoria Crump Haill, visited Outbrain this morning to hear from experts in the content space. Here Becky and Victoria share some of the key take-away messages from the session.

Optimise your content for mobile

2013 has been tipped by many people to be the year that mobile internet use overtakes desktop and laptop. Tony Hallet, Director at Collective Content, started off the ‘Content Conversation’ by highlighting just how important it is for us all to adapt our content to ensure that it is optimised for mobile. He also posed the question: ‘When will we hit peak mobile?’ No matter what the answer is, it is clear that not having a mobile-optimised website could be limiting to your brand.

Know the purpose of your content

Why are you creating your content? And what do you want to achieve when the person has consumed it? Perhaps it is to help build trust to your brand or increase sales. Ross Sleight, Chief Strategy Officer at SOMO, stressed that you must understand what you want to achieve before you create your content. Not only this, but it is important to remember that people will engage differently on each device.

Match your content to the device

In an age where we can simultaneously watch TV and use our mobile to search for a latest product from the comfort of our own sofa, it’s important to tailor content so that it suits the device. Ross Sleight highlighted that people will use desktops for deeper dives and longer search journeys, perhaps when looking for a new house. For quick and instant results, say if someone needs information urgently, or they are bored, a mobile will be more convenient. Video content has its highest usage on iPads and tablet devices as most people use their iPads for watching content from their sofa! So remember to think about the type and format of the content that you use on each device, and design your content for different device behaviours.

Timing and audience is key

According to Ross, the peak time for mobile usage is 9pm. Therefore it’s vital that we push out content at the optimal time of day and day of the week. If your visitors are people who work 9am to 5pm, then posting content during their commuting hours would be beneficial. Tremayne Carew Pole, Publisher and Founder at Hg2, said you must understand the demographics of your audience and know how they use the content. It’s not about how you want to produce it ­– it is about the audience and what they want.

Work together to repurpose content

Think about how you can repackage your content across multiple devices when you begin planning it. Dan’l Hewitt, General Manager Advice at VICE UK, suggested that you ask the experts in your company who manage each device, to discover how best to repurpose the content. They will know what performs best.

Content should solicit a response

Before you start putting together a content strategy and creating great content, think about the end result. Are you trying to generate a response, shares or comments from your audience? Are you informing your audience so that they can make better decisions or alternative purchases? What is the next action you want your audience to take? Once you know the end result of your content, it will be much easier to measure its performance of your content and optimise it for the future.

Dan’l Hewitt, VICE UK: @danlhewitt

Ross Sleight, SOMO: @sleighty

Tony Hallett, Collective Content: @tphallett

Tremayne Carew Pole, Hg2: @TheHedonist

Ben Peacock, Outbrain UK: @benipeacock

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