How To Time Your Moment For Social Media Content

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On 3rd February 2013, play was halted for more than half an hour at the Super Bowl in New Orleans when the stadium was plunged into darkness. Oreo took this moment and perfectly timed a tweet that reassured people that they could still “dunk in the dark”.


Image courtesy of Oreo

The image has been retweeted nearly 16,000 times and received many reactions from fans and media who were impressed by the quick response. The success of this tweet shows that we can gain a competitive edge by quickly creating content that responds to a significant point in time.

And it’s not just Oreo, there are many other brands who have been triumphant with these moments. Another great example is from Nando’s, who announced that all of their Manchester restaurants would be open for five minutes longer when Sir Alex Ferguson retired. This had more than 17,000 retweets by fans of the chicken restaurant.


Image courtesy of Nando’s

So how can you take these examples from the cookie and chicken restaurant and implement them into your social media strategy? It seems that planning and being ready for these moments is key.

Real-time can’t just happen overnight, so put some thought into how you can achieve this. Ensure that you have a social media team who is at the ready to respond to events and key pieces of news. Oreo were already lined up to react to the events by having a team of people working during the game.

Have Oreo and Nando’s sold more cookies and chicken from the tweets? We don’t know the answer to that. But in a world where advertising can cost brands thousands of pounds, this could be a simple answer to help you promote your key messages.

Produced by Becky Canvin, Brandcast Media.

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