How to use Facebook to keep your brand promise

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Whether you’re browsing online, reading a newspaper or watching TV, brand promises (what a company commits to deliver to the customer) are everywhere. And it’s easy for brands to make them. The tricky part is actually delivering on the promise to earn loyalty and respect from the customer.


Content plays a vital role in helping brands deliver their promises. Alastair Cotterill, Creative Strategist at Facebook, explained at the Content Marketing Assosciation (CMA) Digital Breakfast Session this morning how to use Facebook to help keep your brand promise. Here are his tips.

Firstly, think about how your audience is viewing your content – use your data from Facebook Insights to find out what platform most people are using. Whether it’s a mobile, tablet or desktop, you will need to tailor your content to suit it.

“Good art and good writing can be good selling”. Alastair highlighted that although this quote was said over 60 years ago, it’s still very relevant today. You need to have great copy and photography to create a good story for your brand. Your content needs to be meaningful and add value, so make your stories human and rich. Below is an example from AT&T, the American Telecommunications Corporation who uses humour to connect with their Facebook audience.


The level of content needs to match that of your audience’s family and friends as it will sit within their news feed. It also needs to be relevant to your brand, so don’t do anything that doesn’t align to your promise.

Alastair believes that it’s far better to create ‘campaign bursts’ of content instead of ‘always on’ content that is produced daily using a content calendar. This is because you can then ensure that everything you say is valuable to your customer. Below is an example from Sainsburys for their ‘Eat the Alphabet’ campaign.


Your customers need to be able to understand your content and why it comes from you. Each piece of content should let them dip in and out, without having to know the whole story. You can compare this to the TV programme Friends, where you don’t need to watch the previous episode to know what’s happened. But if you do, then you can tie the episodes together to create a bigger picture.

Finally, Alastair suggests measuring success on Facebook through the three Rs – REACH, RESONANCE and REACTION. Did your content reach the right people? Did it change their opinions? And did it lead to people buying your products? By measuring these and following his tips above, you will be able to help keep your brand promise.

Produced by Becky Canvin, Digital Content Manager, Brandcast Media.

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