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Eastern Europe. Cold, dark, brutal communist architecture, outdated engineering, unfriendly people – mistrusting of the west. Apparently not in Prague. Brandcasts first trip behind the iron curtain was an absolute delight. Lovely friendly people, stunning old buildings, beautiful autumnal sunshine and the aptly named Skoda Superb always on hand to glide us through the streets. Only the economic oddity of everything being about a tennercaused any consternation… How much is the cabbage soup in pounds? About a tenner. How much is a pizza? About a tenner. How much are 2 beers? About a tenner. How much are 3 beers? About a tenner… Are you sure weve got the exchange rate right? Probably not. Still, with 15 interviews and podcasts from the International Gynecologic [sic] Cancer Society (IGCS) biennual meeting in the can, we cant complain and that Irish bar looks lovely. Now.. How much is a pint of guiness?

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