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With 5 days to go until the London Marathon, I’m looking back at the journey I embarked upon and the challenges I have faced over the past few months…

Victoria KKR

When I said I would run the marathon for Kids Kidney Research back in September last year, I was brimming with enthusiasm. “Oh I love running. It’s my favorite hobby… good time for reflecting and getting out in the open air.” As a result of the fact that I hadn’t actually done any running for ages, I was keen to dust off my trainers and raise some much-needed funds for a brilliant charity. “35,000 people do it every year, it can’t be that hard.” Perhaps I was naïve, but when I kicked off my running on Christmas Day 2013, I was not prepared for how mentally and physically challenging my 16-week training plan would be.

I ran in the cold, I ran in the rain, I ran on those winter nights after a long day at work when all you want is a cup of tea and an early night.

I increased my training runs from 2 miles, to 3 miles, to 5 miles – every time thinking I would never be able to go further. I ran through doubts and occasional tears, joint pain and blisters. Through February and March, I did half-marathons most weekends. I ran in the early morning, I ran in the dark winter evenings. I have watched trees blossom and flowers bloom as the seasons changed from winter to spring, and the day which I thought would never arrive, is finally in sight. Those 16 weeks of training, endless washes of sweaty running gear and frequent visits to ‘Runners Need’ to buy energy gels were all for this.

I could be worried about Sunday. What if I feel unwell on the day or I don’t run the race in a good time? Perhaps my ITB will flare up or my left foot will get cramp as it has on some training runs? But for some reason I feel peaceful about Sunday, dare I say it – excited?! Thanks to the kindness of my friends and family, I have raised an incredible £1515 so far for KKR, as well as lots of awareness about the charity itself. Not only will I start the marathon on Sunday knowing that I have reached the target I pledged to fundraise, but I will be sharing the London streets I have been pounding every week with 35,000 other dedicated runners and thousands of spectators.

So yes, I’m ready. Bring on the London Marathon 2014!

If you would like to sponsor me, my page is here:

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