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Social Media and The Modern Mother

Social Media Week London

It was great to be part of Social Media Week London this week as we attended the talk on Social Media and The Modern Motherat Diffusion PR on Great Portland Street. Speakers included: Carrie Longton, co-founder of Mumsnet and Sally Whittle, founder of Tots 100.

It was an insightful session of facts and top tips for modern day Mummy marketingfrom those with plenty of years of experience. Not only do these women have a deep understanding of the industry, but years of understanding what its like to actually be a Modern Mother.


Mothers are sharing information more quickly and widely than ever before, relying on forums and websites such as Mumsnet and Netmums as sources of knowledge that they trust and respect. Accorinding to Carrie Longton, Mumsnet is now the UKs busiest social network for parents, generating nearly 40 million page views per month and nearly 5 million visits per month.

Perhaps the most striking thing we took away from the session were the staggering facts about the amount of time mothers and their children spend online, or on their computers, tablets and phones.

Here are some of our favourite facts that we took away from the day:

  • 44% mums 18-44 visit at least once a week a parenting forum, parenting blog, parenting brand FB page
  • 25% all UK mums feel parenting blogs etc are more independent & impartial than traditional media
  • 80% of mums have checked Mumsnet before buying a child related product
  • Mumsnet is replacing Google for some mums to find advice
  • 48% of 3-4 year olds can use touchscreen phone, and 37% can write their own name by hand
  • 45% of 5-10 year olds are on the kids social network Moshi Monsters
  • Some children look at print media today, and think that magazines are iPads that don’t work!

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