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Social Media Week Singapore (SMWS)


Speakers at the event:

Luxury brands web insights:

  • Ten years ago, no one thought people would buy luxury online. Now, luxury brands are falling over themselves to open e-commerce sites and channels. In a few years, mobile and social commerce may well be the standard way of shopping online.
  • Luxury brands are about exclusivity. Social media on the other hand is all about reaching the largest audience possible. At first glance, the two don’t necessarily go hand in hand.
  • Social media allows luxury brands to tell deeper richer stories.
  • Luxury is about building emotional connections with your customers.
  • Luxury is all about experience. Experience should be same offline and online.
  • Whatever you do, be consistent with your message. Don’t turn social media on and off. That’s how brands fail.
  • Engaging quality bloggers is key to a successful influencer campaign.
  • Does Chinese social media engagement need its own strategy? Yes.
  • China is a totally different market. Brands should have a social presence in different platforms in China, it’s also so very different from western markets that it demands a whole new approach.
  • Aside from things like search engine optimization for Baidu, luxury brands in China need to get themselves on the right social platforms e.g. Sina Weibo.
  • Burberry has left no stone unturned with its use of social media – from Facebook and Twitter to an official presence on Chinese microblogging site, Sina Weibo. Since then, Burberry’s following has grown to over 1.6 million on Twitter and over 14 million on Facebook, while it’s YouTube channel has received over 13 million views. Burberry is clearly doing something right.
  • Another good luxury brand on social media is Four Seasons Hotels.

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