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Its not often that you hear about companies that respond well to criticism on Facebook. But UK feminine hygiene company Bodyform turned a negative very much into a positive with a recent response to critcism from a disgruntled man through social media.

After Richard Neil posted a rant on Bodyforms Facebook wall, attacking the brand for false advertising. His comment soon attracted more than 100,000 likes, but rather than ignore it Bodyform one-upped Mr. Neil by confessing about their compulsive lying.

The clip is genius from the opening frames, as we see CEO Caroline Williams (played by an actress) pour herself a glass of blue water. “I think its time we came clean,” she says. “We lied to you, Richard, and I want to say sorry. … Sorry.” She goes on to facetiously explain why the company has used metaphorical imagery in its ads rather than focusing on the reality of the female cycle.

We think it is a brilliant bit of writing and performance, topped off with a hilarious ending. Of course, it helped that Neill set the tone with his own comedy.

Still, a great example of social engagement from a big brand.

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