Skype: The gloves are off, round 1!

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Skype has launched a provocative  new advertising campaign, bitterly attacking social networking sites and standing up for realcommunication. Their taglines criticise our relationship with Facebook and Twitter, reminding users that Skype promises a closer and more in-depth communication experience.

With the new adverts supporting phrases such as ‘140 characters doesn’t equal staying in touch’ and ‘upgrade from a wall post for a first class conversation’ Skype suggests that we have ‘lost touch with humanity’ through Twitter and Facebook. The ads not only downgrade the quality of communication offered by networks such as Facebook and Twitter, but they also raise a mirror to a culture that has become overly automated and lacking real human contact.

“With so many ways to communicate, there has been a shift towards communicating in ways that are less conversational, more transactional—less human,” says Francie Strong, Skype’s director of global customer-base marketing.

But perhaps Skype are a little quick to attack such loved platforms? Especially ones that offer such different services.

The bullish campaign ignores the fact that last year Skype signed a deal with Facebook to allow its users to make video calls using Skype technology. The two companies have also shared instant messaging technology – proving they are actually a lot closer than you might think. With the hashtag #timeforskype, Skype also rely heavily on the very platforms they are slating for their social media campaign. In another ironic twist, those signed up to Skypes Facebook page will be able to take a picture of their face and share it with their Facebook friends for the duration of the campaign.

Do the ads make you more inspired to use Skype? Or does the negativity of the campaign leave a bitter taste in your mouth?

Perhaps this is something to Tweet about.

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