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A new study by New York marketing agency Mr Youth have found that brands with a social media presence only respond to half of all brand page posts made by consumers.

The agency found a direct correlation between interaction and consumer loyalty, with 80 per cent of users who received a response to their Facebook or Twitter post about a brand making a purchase as a result of the brands interaction. As shopping is done largely online these days, its no surprise that consumers appreciate hearing a voiceof the brand. The relationship between a consumer and a brand needs to be nurtured and developed, and these days the channel of communication is social media.

This great infographic shows the importance of social media in the consumer purchase cycle. Yet despite the high importance of social media management, brands seem to be neglecting it due to the amount of work input and time needed to manage it. Especially at Christmas time, when spending is at its highest, social media interaction should be used as a simple and effective way to drive purchases.

The data was compiled between November 17th to December 19th where over 500 households were surveyed across the U.S. The study was done in conjunction with Survey Sampling International (SSI) and Kanter Analytics.

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