Sony Pictures Fools DVD Buyers

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The American DVD of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoois a bit of brilliant marketing by Sony Pictures, but the unconventional artwork has proved a shock for US buyers.

The new DVD, which was released last week, looks just like a pirated home-burned disc, with the title scrawled in permanent pen. For those who havent read the book, this is a reference to lead character Lisbeth Salander – a deeply troubed, researcher and computer hacker. The disc represents a self-burnt DVD-R that Lisbeth might have made herself. Fans may also have noticed Magda – 32016on the disc – a reference to one of the victims in the book.

But according to The Washington Post, many people have already tried to return the DVD thinking that they have been sold an illegal copy by accident.

Meanwhile, Sony Pictures have confirmed that they designed the DVD themselves, to reflect the hacker theme of the film, and perhaps also to highlight the growing problem of pirate copying. Amazon has been forced to put a notice on their site reassuring buyers that they are not buying an illegal disc. It reads: “It has come to our attention that there has been some confusion on the DVD disc art as it appears to look like a bootlegged copy. Please note that the disc art is in fact the final approved disc art provided to us by the filmmakers.”

Well have to wait and see what the UK version looks like as its due for realease on the 23rd April.



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