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Speakers at this event:

Linkedin Insights:

  • Richard Branson has almost 100 million followers on LinkedIn
  • People are looking up who they want to work for
  • 25% from mobile platform in 2012
  • Compared to 12% in 2011
  • LinkedIn putting in more effort into personalisation
  • The LinkedIn iPad / iPhone apps all have different features because of the different user experience needed on those devices.
  • LinkedIn started in 2003 and are now at 200 million member, up from 117 million in a year with 37 million in APAC
  • In Singapore 980,000 there are members which is 65% penetration of all professionals
  • 12K organisations using LinkedIn for recruitment

Points from David O’ Leary:

  • Companies have access to both passive (company sourced) and active (self-applying) candidates.
  • It is important to note that not everyone is a job seeker and that people do change industries.
  • How does one find candidates? Firstly build a search criteria, then complete a job profile / description.
  • Candidates and company’s get more viewing time and interaction if they have a complete profile.
  • Due to a culture shift in Japan, people generally do not feel comfortable putting photos up and usually prefer to have avatars.
  • It is important to recognise cultural differences, language being an important part of this.
  • LinkedIn have recently released ‘Endorsements’, however they are seeing a kickback from the community in those endorsements, as those involved are often not closely related to the person they’re endorsing which has become very misleading for all involved.

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