The Importance of Agile Marketing

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“As the world has moved online, the distance between companies and customers has collapsed to zero.” – Valtech

With the evolution of technology and a more demanding digital consumer, brands have been forced to discover faster and more relevant approaches to marketing.

In our mobile and social world, customers can interact with brands anytime, anywhere and anyhow. Now that social media channels have become valuable customer feedback forums, brands must be responsive to this, using the feedback to their advantage and proving that they value the opinions of their customers. Remember the letter written to Sainsbury’s by a 3 year old who thought their Tiger Bread should be called Giraffe Bread?

Not only must brands be responsive to customer opinion, but also to real-time news. Oreo did this very well recently during the blackout at the Super Bowl.

Brands such as Old Spice have also turned to video as part of their Agile marketing strategies. In this great campaign, Old Spice rapidly created almost 200 videos based around questions it had been asked through social media channels.

Bodyform also harnessed the power of social media marketing by creating a funny video is response to a comment they received on Facebook. The video not only showed that they listen to customer feedback, but also portrayed Bodyform in a more human manner, making the brand seem more approachable. By using humour, Bodyform also created a highly shareable video that quickly went viral and now has over 3 million hits!

This sort of experimental ultra-fast marketing certainly involves risk and can sometimes be very financially costly. But in today’s digital environment, where phones are checked every 6 minutes and Twitter has begun to replace email as a form of communication, it is the brands who can be innovative, experimental, responsive and agile who will increasingly be making the biggest impact.

Some top tips on how to be an Agile Marketeer:

  • Personalise online experiences
  • Don’t be afraid to be innovative and experimental
  • Be open an honest with your customers
  • Be responsive and value your customer feedback through all channels
  • Use software to your advantage – to collate feedback
  • Value content and context marketing

See The Agile Marketing Manifesto:

26 Superb Examples of Agile Marketing in Action:

By Victoria Crump-Haill

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