Writing for the web: 7 top tips

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Writing for the web often seems like a daunting prospect for businesses. For those who find themselves asking ‘how can I get my message across and engage my audience at the same time?’ I have put together a list of tips that should help you on your way to writing successful content.

1. Ask yourself what your audience is interested in.

twitterResist the urge to drone on about your achievements, it’s boring. Instead try putting yourself in the shoes of your audience.

Ask yourself ‘What do they want to know?’ in order to make your writing more persuasive.

2. If you have something interesting to say, say it early on. Don’t bury the message.

just-do-itHow often do you go onto a page and read to the end? If like me, you like to search out the relevant information, chances are your audience does too.

Get straight to the point by starting with an interesting sentence, followed by another, and another…you get the picture.

3. Find the story and tell it simply.

Is your business run by ‘passionate, dedicated and committed teams who are world-class leaders in their field’? If so, you might have over done it. Too much description may cause readers to become suspicious, and it might make you sound desperate and pushy.

What are the facts and how can you say them simply?

4. Choose the message you want people to remember, you don’t need to include everything, all the time.

People don’t remember much, so choose the message you want your audience to retain and make life easier for them. Then, make a plan to support your message, it will make your life easier. By doing this, you won’t repeat yourself, use language more effectively and you’ll get the job done quicker. Remember that…

5.Don’t be big, be clever.

Compare the MeerkatTo sound impressive, businesses often use an excessive, overabundance of extravagant words (like that!) Try not to raid a thesaurus, your reader might not know what that word means, and neither might you.

Shorter words are easier to remember and take less time to read. Keep it simple.

6. Find the right tone of voice.

A distinctive tone of voice is important to separate your brand from the rest. However, don’t see tone of voice as a ‘one size fits all’. What works for a smoothie won’t work for an insurance firm.

You should take some time to think about what is right for your brand and how your customers will react to it.

7. Don’t lose perspective online, different rules do not apply.


Truth be told, it’s not much different to any other writing. It’s only shorter. Good writing should always come above SEO. After all, what’s the point in driving traffic to your website if you’re just going to bore the pants off them when they arrive on your homepage?

People always want interesting stories, but again, stick to the basics and beware self-professed web gurus who tell you otherwise.





Do you have any more tips for writing web content? Feel free to share below…

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